Home Owner Inspections

Do I really need to have my own home inspected if I live there?

Many times, people feel home inspections are only for those buying or selling a home.  In the old days this might have been true, however today home inspections are completed for home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners.

Let our professional building consultants / inspectors assist you in keeping more money in your piggy bank, or assist you if you plan on breaking the bank to do an improvement project.

Here’s a list of services that can be provided to homeowners by All Pro Home Inspection.

  • Annual Home Inspection – A general review of the homes systems and components.
  • Individual System and/or Component Inspection – Need just one or two systems or components inspected…not a problem.
  • Home Maintenance Inspection – Similar to a general inspection, but maintenance issues are heavily concentrated on.
  • Energy Audits
  • Home Safety Inspection – Inspection concentrates on safety issues only
  • Home Consulting – We have consulted hundreds of homeowners regarding future additions, builder/contractor issues, remodeling, pest issues
  • Pre and Post Renovation Inspection – Is being used to help document the condition of the home prior and after the renovation work is completed, protecting both the owner and the contractor.  Also, if a damaged or improperly installed system is found prior to the renovation work beginning this new discovery will increase the success of the renovation.

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