Home Buyer’s

Home Buyer’s

Avoid Buying The
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with Protection from the
All Pro Home Inspection Team.

All Pro Home Inspection (APHI) is Buffalo & WNY’s Premier Home Inspection Firm and is dedicated to providing you, our valuable clients, ”peace of mind” by helping you to validate your real estate purchase decision.

NYS now regulates the home inspection industry, but that doesn’t mean all inspector and home inspection firms are equal. I like to use this analogy – we all have driver licenses and I’m sure we can all agree there’s a big difference in drivers ability out on the open roads. Well, the same is true with home inspections. Do you want an inspection firm that just meets the minimum requirements, or do you truly demand the best home inspection firm WNY offers?

Protect yourself with our Triple Crown Home Inspection Guarantee, and our experienced inspectors who care about you and your money.

On top of that you will have protection.  We provide over $100,000 in warranty protection for free on every inspection. It's about having solutions to your problems, not giving you an excuse.

What are others saying about us:

“We were nervous at the thought of purchasing a vacation home. John’s patience and thoroughness of the inspection and in answering our questions put us at ease. The report, the photos, the extra products and services (included in the service) and the ease of scheduling the inspection exceeded our expectations. All Pro BLEW AWAY our last home inspection/inspector.” Hector & Claudia Leonardi – Proud owners of a Lake House

With a APHI inspection in hand, you will have the confidence to know exactly what you are committing to buying in your new home.

What are others saying about us:

“John was friendly yet professional. He was an excellent teacher. He was very thorough and made the complex process quite understandable. He was willing to answer questions and explained the information in a way that was meaningful. I would go back to John in the future.” Thanks John – Teri Langdon

All Pro Home Inspection offers $100,000 in warranty coverage on every inspection.  Coverage you deserve.

All Pro Home Inspection is proud to announce that every home inspection comes with $100,000 plus in warranty coverage on every inspection. We don't make excuses, we provide solutions for you.

We provide 3 inspection packages to cover all of your inspection needs. We understand one size doesn't fit all, so providing the different packages gives you flexibility. Each package has warranty protection, and from our All Pro Package to the Platinum Package each package has been carefully put together to provide our client unprecedented protection and value!

All Pro Package -
Is our Full Service Home Inspection and comes with $100,000 in warranty coverage.  This package includes our State of the Art Computerized Home Inspection Report, a 90 Day Home Warranty, NXT 1 Yr Structural Warranty, a Roof Warranty, Concierge Service & Utility Set-Up Assistance, the ability to purchase a full home warranty that would have 18 months.

The Gold Package -
Includes everything from the All Pro Package and comes with $100,000 in warranty coverage.  The added services and products added to this package are Radon Testing, Gas Line Leak Inspection, and two additional warranty products - MoldSafe and a Radon Protection Plan. This is by far our most popular package client have selected and the added $195 is well worth the extra money.

Platinum Package -
Includes everything from the All Pro Package and Gold Package. The added services and products added to this package are a Heat Exchanger Scope, a Visual Mold Evaluation, Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, and enrollment into our 30 Day Buyer Protection Plan. The fee to upgrade to this package is $350.

Regardless of which inspection package you select, you will be rewarded and protected with value and by unprecedented warranty coverage to protect your new home and to provide you peace of mind.

Please review the packages below and if you have any questions, please contact our office at (716) 772-2548 or by email

We look forward to serving you!

The All Pro Home Inspection Team is proud to announce that we are now offering Home Inspection Packages to our Buffalo NY and surrounding Western New York communities.
Warranty and packages are subject to change without notice.

You can order your inspection by calling our office at (716) 772-2548 or by clicking the button below.

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