Why Metal Roofs Need Snow Guards

Metal roof snow guards

Metal roofs are becoming more popular and it is common to see the installation of snow guards on the metal roof panels above entry locations, and walking surfaces, such as a walkway or driveway.

Metal roof snow rails

Metal roofing requires snow guards, snow retention systems, or snow rails to control the sudden release of snow and ice during winter. Snow guards help protect people, prevent injuries and property damage by keeping the snowfall on the roofing surface where the snow can melt slowly and under control. Basically, snow guards help provide protection to people, property components, and other items, such as a vehicle from the weight of snow and hazards associated with the snow and ice accumulating in a large quantity and sliding off the roof.

There is one area that I am seeing that is being overlooked by the metal roof installers and I finally saw the consequences of that recently during a home inspection.  Snow guards should also be installed at the roof panels above the electrical service meter, above the exterior HVAC systems, and Gas/LP Standby Generators.

There are a wide range of snow guards, or snow rails available to fit your needs.  The specific type of snow guard depends on a few factors such as the roof type, the climate of the region, snow amounts for the region, and the property aesthetics.  You can select snow guards by color, metal or polycarbonate, and fastener type.

Do yourself a favor and take a walk around your property and look at your metal roof and ensure all egress areas are protected above, and make sure all systems and components are also protected to avoid an injury or damage to an expensive system, such as the AC Condenser at a recent inspection.

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