Protection With Every Inspection

$100,000 in free warranty protection

Some people might be thinking – this is to good to be true or what’s the catch? Yes, it’s true and there are no strings attached. After doing thousands of home inspections we know things change and might even fail when you close and start to use your new home. It’s our belief this is coverage you deserve! Why should you settle for less value when everything you need is a click or a call away?

You need a home inspection and you have a few choices out there in the real world when selecting your home inspector. You really only have two options and one is a very clear choice. Let me ask you a question…

Option #1 Would you rather hire an inspector that just provides a home inspection report and is gone after the inspection, and when you call after you discover a problem and you get the standard answer – “it was fine at the inspection” and that’s it?  Or…

Option #2 Would you prefer to hire a home inspection firm that provides you your report, along with other services and products that help protect your investment? We decided years ago to have solutions for you when you make that kind of call. Be a problem solver for you and that’s why we offer over $100,000 in warranty protection.

It’s one thing to provide service and than there’s the All Pro Home Inspection way… It’s about providing VALUE to you!

Here is a brief explanation about some of the services and products we provide to our clients:

Inspection Report

We’ll provide you with a computerized inspection report with digital photos, along with an easy to read and understand report summary.  Our reports are delivered via email to you at the end of the inspection or shortly afterwards.  At the inspection you will be provided an inspection binder that is filled with important information to assist you with the home well after the inspection is over.

Home Warranty

All Pro Home Inspection is proud to offer you a 90 Day Home Warranty.  This product provides you some coverage after closing in the event something breaks.  A 90 Day Home Warranty is available to all of our home buyers and a 120 Day Home Warranty is available to our home sellers clients.  This warranty does not replace a full 1-yr warranty, but still provides you important coverage.


All Pro Home Inspection was the first inspection firm to bring RecallChek to Buffalo.  This service provides you with an independent report regarding the appliances in the home.  You’ll receive an initial report, along with ongoing monthly reports.  If a recalled appliance is discovered you can now notify the manufacturer for a free repair.


Once again, All Pro Home Inspection was the first inspection firm to bring SewerGard to Buffalo.  This product provides you coverage on the underground sewer and water lines.  This one product has saved several of our past clients a lot of money.  Having an underground sewer or water supply line problem is a big expense.  Having SewerGard coverage helps in avoiding this costly repair.

Roof Protection Plan

Yes, All Pro Home Inspection was the first inspection firm to bring the Roof Protection Plan to Buffalo.  This product provides you coverage on roof leak repairs for 5 years after the date of the inspection.  It’s simple!  If there isn’t a leak at the time of the inspection, any leak afterwards is covered.

Radon Protection Plan

This product is cool.  In the Real Estate world Radon has an action level of 4.0 pCi/L.  Meaning if a Radon measurement comes back at or above 4.0 pCi/L corrective measures to reduce the exposure to the Radon gas should be completed.  So, here’s how it works.  If the first test comes back under 4.0 pCi/L and you retest the home after closing and the second test comes back above the 4.0 pCi/l action level the Radon Protection Plan would cover the cost of the corrective measure.  This product is one of my favorites, because several times over the years we’ve had Radon test come back at 3.5 – 3.9 pCi/L and our clients were concerned about the level, but loved the home and couldn’t decide if they should move forward.  Because the Radon test was below the action level there wasn’t any opportunity to negotiate a repair.  But, the Radon Protection Plan has been there to provide them with peace of mind and in many cases our past clients retested and discovered elevated Radon levels and were able to use this plan to have the corrective measures installed, thus saving them hundreds of dollars.

Concierge Service

As with many of the services we provide All Pro Home Inspection was the first inspection firm to bring the Concierge Service to our marketplace.  This service is free, but you have to authorize the concierge service rep to act on your behalf.  Your concierge rep will contact the gas, electric and water utilities and have these utilities moved to your name on closing day.  Because we understand you have no desire to be contacted over and over again we have set this program to work from one simple email.  This email will be sent to you about 10 days after the inspection.  From this email you will have the option to click a button and participate and gain the benefits of the service or you can click the opt out button and all communications will stop.  If you do not respond after receiving this email you will receive a call from the concierge rep.  So, between the email and the call if you wish to not use this service, just say so and all communications will stop.  It’s a simple process and most if not all of our clients love this service.

Homeowners Resource

This service provides you with technical support.  Have a questions – good ahead and ask, send a photo of something and our professional staff you respond with answers and useful information regarding your question.

Triple Crown Home Inspection Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our home inspection and feel so strong that you are also going to feel confident and satisfied with our service, inspection and inspection report that we’re backing it up with our Triple Crown Home Inspection Guarantee.  We are providing you three separate guarantees to ensure your peace of mind.  You see, we understand this is an important step in your life and that you need to be confident in your home inspector choice, so we took this BOLD position in providing this guarantee.  A guarantee you will not find anywhere else in WNY.  This guarantee is just one more way to demonstrate our desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations.  Also, we want to ensure you have an enjoyable real estate experience.

Extended Office Hours

We’re here for you before, during and after the inspection.  Our phone is answered 24/7.  You will get a live person that will be able to assist you, schedule your inspection or put you in touch with the proper person.

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